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2024 Graduation

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Good Evening 2024 Graduating Families! I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Graduation will be here before we know it and there is need of planning to be done. I am wanting to have a planning meeting this month. Brent and I are planning a trip for our 20th anniversary so we will be out of town January 19th - 28th.

What days are good for you guys to get together? During the day? Evenings? I am unable to do Tuesdays all day and Thursday evenings. Here are some dates:

The week of January 8th:

Wednesday through Friday

The week of January 15th:

Monday afternoon, Wednesday, and Thursday

A few reminders and things to think about before we meet:

  1. The cost will be $100 per participating graduate. This can be paid over a few months but must be fully paid by the end of March, per what was on the sheet I handed out at the August meeting.

  2. Graduation Date and time

  3. Graduation location

  4. Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, worship

  5. Photographer


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