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NEW to Homeschooling and/or RAHS

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Hi there. This is our second year homeschooling (9, 7, and almost 5). Our oldest boys went to a phenomenal Christian school when we lived in Florida but after our move to Wisconsin last summer and being unsettled we decided to homeschool with the intention of them going back to school. When we moved to Racine last year it was a very lonely transition for our whole family but when I asked the boys if they would like to try school they immediately responded with “no way! I can sleep in and go to school in my pajamas!!!” So here we are haha. Our middle struggles with a lot of anxiety and stress when it comes to school, our oldest is HOH and wears a hearing aide and this seems the best fit for us. We are praying for new friends this year to meet us where we are. Excited for all the Lord has in store for us this year and trying something new.

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Sep 23, 2021

Welcome Heather! Your boys hit a favorite benefit spot-on...pajamas! 😁 LOL I hope to get to hang out and get to know you better. I'll be in the "coffee shop" during 2nd hour for our Bible study...if you're around, come say hi!



This group is for families NEW to homeschooling and/or RAHS ...
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