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Special Needs Families

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This is a video from a Pediatric functional medicine Dr. on her clinical experience treating kids with COVID. She speaks to the level of risk in babies, toddlers and kids in a very reasoned clinical way. The bottom line is that kids seem to be resilient and she explains why. For children who have special medical needs that might put them at higher risk, she has some very practical recommendations.

She also has quite a bit to say about treating kids, including special needs kids, like those with Autism with vitamins. For example, she made a comment about helping the mood swings in pubescent girls by checking their vitamin levels to help calm the moods. (I need to re-watch it to remember the vitamin). I thought it was a very good source of information for all pediatric health.

I've been watching the FLCCC doctors for a year now and they are very informed clinicians who look to clinically studied treatments not just pushing drugs. I hope this helps!

Jen Dehler-McCarthy


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