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About RAHS

RAHS - Racine Area HomeSchoolers Inc. is an organization of over 100 Christian homeschooling families in the greater Racine area.  We have member families from Union Grove, Sturtevant, Franksville, Kansasville, Burlington, Twin Lakes, Kenosha, West Allis, South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Cudahy, and Waterford with children ranging from pre-school through high school.  We also are comprised of a host of alumni that have homeschool graduates.  RAHS is made up of families who recognize that the education and nurture of children in all phases of life is the God-given responsibility of the parents.

The purpose of RAHS is to provide mutual support and encouragement between families who choose to educate their children in the home, to promote the sharing of information about homeschooling, and to organize educational opportunities that may be difficult for individual families to provide for themselves.

We gain strength, ideas, and encouragement from one another.  Any event or activity which members make available to the organization as a whole is a way our families have chosen to serve each other.  We are all joined together by the common bond of providing the best educational environment possible for our families and in thanksgiving to God for the blessings He has provided.  Our success, as that of any homeschool support group, depends on the willingness of members to contribute by volunteering to plan and participate in activities.  Everyone is encouraged to share and participate at whatever level they feel comfortable.  Members agree to not hinder our Statement of Faith; board members and leadership are in agreement with our Statement of Faith.

RAHS can provide you with:  

  • Support and encouragement from other homeschooling parents

  • Answers to questions about different curriculum choices

  • Ideas to improve your homeschool experience

  • Opportunities to participate in activities with other homeschool children and families

  • Friendship and fellowship for you and your children

  • Connections and relationships with other families and each other



RAHS meets on the 3rd Monday from August through May, 7-9 pm (at Grace Church 3626 Hwy 31) and invites anyone interested to attend to find out what we are all about.  Topics and activities change monthly so please see the home page for more information on this month's meeting.



Our year begins with the Kick-off Meeting each August.  You'll want to be on board as a member by then to get the jump on everything we have available. Participation in the enrichment program does require membership in RAHS. Click here for information on Membership.


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RAHS is guided by Christian principles. All may attend with the understanding that those beliefs and principles determine the direction and character of our group.  Leadership roles are held by those who agree to our Statement of Faith.

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