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Monthly Meetings

Our monthly parent meeting is on 3rd Mondays,

August through May. Meetings are open to the public.

We meet at Grace Church on Hwy 31.

Doors open at 6:30, meeting is 7-9pm.

Click HERE for a sneak peak at our upcoming meeting topics


Enrichment Classes

The Enrichment Program is exclusive to RAHS members offering a variety of classes for PreK-12th grade. Children must be of age (3 AND potty trained for PreK and 5 for Kindergarten) by September 1st to participate in 1st Semester classes or by January 1st to participate in 2nd Semester classes.


Classes are designed by volunteer parents/teachers to benefit the needs of homeschoolers. Our goal is to provide opportunities that will enrich our children’s educational experiences. 

Classes take place on Thursday afternoons and are divided into two semesters taking place September through November and January through March, respectively. 

There are registration fees associated with this program that are separate from that of the membership for RAHS as well as class fees that are decided upon by the individual teacher. A variety of classes are offered every year and are meant to foster not only an excitement for learning but also give children and young teens an opportunity to grow new friendships.  


Enrichment is a completely volunteer run program that relies on individuals within RAHS to coordinate, plan, assist, create, and work well together to provide a weekly program for the benefit and blessing of all RAHS members who choose to participate.

Upcoming Member Events

Login and head over to the calendar for dates and times of upcoming events!

Keep an eye out for Fall Fest, Enrichment Showcase, Dances, group trips to the theater, Valentine's skate and more!

Field Trip in Nature

Beach Days

Check back in the spring for 2023 dates!

Bring your swimming stuff, sunscreen, and get ready for fun!

There is a roped off swimming area that is great for your floating toys or just swimming. Bring your lunch and hang out for a while. Outside the swimming area is perfect for kayaking or fishing.

Fun for all ages!

Quarry Lake Park

3800 Northwestern Ave

Racine, WI 53405

Park Days

Check back in the spring for 2023 dates

Park Days are for all ages and open to the public.

This is the perfect time to visit with friends or make new ones! Teens are encouraged to engage in some organized sports or other activities of choice.

Bring along some water and a lunch!

Timeframe is only suggested. Come early or stay late.

**Subject to change for 2023**

1st Thurs: Smolenski Park - 438 Stuart Rd, Mt. Pleasant

2nd Thurs: Kayla's Playground - 3723 W Puetz Rd, Franklin

3rd Thurs: Kenosha Dream - 1700 29th St, Kenosha

4th Thurs: Kids Connection - 9700 Northwestern Ave, Franksville

5th Thurs: Petrifying Springs Area #4 - 761 Green Bay Rd, Kenosha

Image by Power Lai
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