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ABC’s Preschool Class - 3rd Hr Spring

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I will be at tonight’s meeting. I will bring Evelyn‘s, Mason‘s and William‘s bag of projects from class.

Hello Parents! It has been a joy learning, making, laughing and playing with your kiddos this session of Enrichment! We will have a display with the crafts they made at Showcase with baggies to pick them up and take home. Should you not be able to attend Showcase, let me know if there is someone you would like to pick them up for you( if there is some one you see often) or Liam and I would be happy to deliver to your home, Park Day, monthly meeting or however else is convenient for you. If we don’t get to see you at Showcase, have a fantastic spring and we’ll see you soon!

Allie Brandon
February 2, 2022 · joined the group.
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Hello parents, I can’t wait to meet you all tomorrow. We are looking forward to kicking off Spring 2022 Enrichment with smiles, crafts and stories. I feel like I recognize lots of names on the class list, however my family and I still feel a little new to the group. Our son, Liam (10) and I participated in our first Enrichment semester this fall. Please pop in to say ”Hi” our first class or two. My email is not currently functioning properly so the RAHS site or app is the best way to connect with me. I will check it often through the week and the mornings before class. I am also on site and available during 1st, 2nd & 4th hrs, feel free to reach out for any needs.

Allie Brandon


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