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Birdwatchers - Spring '23

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Hello Fellow Bird Watchers! I can't wait to see you in the Halls at Enrichment and hear all about the great bird watching adventures you have had this summer. At camp this year in one weekend we found more that 10 Blue Jay feathers on the trails, a few yello Finch feathers too. See the post from Sara M in the Info To Share thread. It's a birdwatching/counting project for the public. It is not free but there special bonus for those who sign up during the month of September.

Also it looks like the Great Backyard Bird Watch will be the week of Valentines this year, a few weeks earlier than last year's. Mark your calendars.

Should a version of this class be run again next Spring?

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For all my mimics out there I thought you would appreciate this. (**PARENTS*** I was not able to do full translation of texts, only listen and watch)


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