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NEW to Homeschooling and/or RAHS

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My name is Sarah Schrik, and this will be my third year homeschooling. My eldest is 2nd grade, then K/1, with two littles behind them. we fell into homeschooling when we carried on from what preschool activities we did, wanting to provide deeper spiritual upbringing, and not thrilled with anything in our area. While I have real struggles with keeping all of life in balance, schooling my kids is actually a great joy. I delight in seeing them grow and learn, knowing how to guide them with Christian principles in the little and big things. I am continually adapting my style and approach as I learn what makes each child thrive- the perks of schooling your kids with flexibility. We are leaning into a Charlotte Mason style with some traditional infused, but try to keep school stress free. I will appreciate the dialogues and friendships in this group. I know my kids missed enrichment last year!

Jen Dehler-McCarthy


This group is for families NEW to homeschooling and/or RAHS ...
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