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NEW to Homeschooling and/or RAHS

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Hello RAHS,

We are new to RAHS and new to Homeschool. We have one son, Liam (9), who will be starting 4th grade this year. Liam was in school for K4 & K5 in our local school, which we loved and in our local Montessori for 1st and 2nd, which we all so love. However, the general state of public school and our district along with all the other reasons for homeschool have brought us to you (RAHS) for support, enrichment and friendship especially during this transition. So far we have been thrilled with all of the above. It's been a pleasure meeting all of you. Liam has been very excited about Park Day and our Beach Day, today, he can't wait to start Enrichment Classes. You all have helped me realize that what I have been doing all along is really unofficially homeschooling, so I am no longer sweating this year (for now). Give it a few weeks and I am sure I will be here with a million questions.



This group is for families NEW to homeschooling and/or RAHS ...
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