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If anyone has their child doing therapy services through Medical Support Services, you might want to check with either your therapist or the clinic to make sure you feel it’s safe for your child to go. I’ve discovered over the last few months they’ve not been as transparent as they should be and since my son is high risk for cold side effects, I have a revised policy where they’re supposed to alert me of issues. I’m sure they’re not doing this for everyone though.

The Kenosha clinic (also known as Tender Touch Therapy) is closed this week for cleaning. What they posted on Facebook was that this was due to a high percentage of Covid cases in the area.

Some of the therapists and staff work at multiple clinics and I found out over the weekend that one of our therapists had a clinic related exposure. I found out this morning that the exposure happened at the Kenosha clinic last week and that ALL staff and patients that were in the clinic are now considered COVID exposed. (This is WAY more serious then they’re leading people to believe).

The Kenosha clinic is closed but not their Mt Pleasant or Oak Creek location. Staff that has been vaccinated is allowed to work in the other clinics unless they test positive. They’re allowed to work while awaiting test results. They DON’T have to inform you that they were exposed unless you specifically request that the clinic make this a requirement for your child and have them note this in your file (and make sure each therapist you see is aware of this). If you don’t make this a requirement, you won’t know that your therapist was exposed until after your child tests positive.

So, without going on any more of a rant…. If you have a child attending therapy services and this concerns you, I feel it’s important for you to know so you can make your own decisions here!


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