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Super Planes (2nd-5th grd / 4th Hr) - Spring '23

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Aide Beeded 4th hr.

Weather permitting Super Planes, 4th hr is hoping to do some record breaking launches. To make the most of this we'll need a second adult, someone to be with the kids outside when we do some launches from inside😁

Showcase, will you be there? I am hoping to have the kids take home some projects from class at showcase but don't want anyone to miss out if they won't be attending.

As if your are not already your kiddo's super hero...

here is a link for one of the guys I have been following for the planes W'ell be doing for our class. So far based on all the ones i have seen I believe he keeps it PG and on topic. These may be a bit too technical for our youngest or impatient pilots but you could rock their world by knowing how to make some of these for them. They will have a chance to make and fly many if not all in class, if they haven't already.

Excellent instructions for some challenging designs, "Foldable Flight" Channel, Kyle designs paper airplanes (he does offer a book and templates for sale but not obnoxious marketing) he does very good tutorials. Good pace, with little to no fluff. He claims to teach the coolest paper airplanes on the internet and I…

Here is a link to one of two teams who have broken the World Record for distance with a paper airplane just last year. I hope many of you had the chance to get out and see John Collins the former 10yr reigning champ at the Golden Rondelle Theater on Monday or Tuesday. Liam is ready to start practicing, since he found out you can use the same plane as a current winner to make an attempt to break the record, per his question to John at Mondays show.


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