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Special Needs Families

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Hello Everyone! I'm super excited about this group! I was hoping that we'd be able to find a better way for communication for RAHS that would allow small groups like this to connect but not be FB (or the old clunky website that I was terrible at reading the emails from LOL) We have Enrichment coming up and I'm super excited! BUT I know for Nate, he's going to need a 1:1 aide for his classes. If he were in public school, he'd have one provided by the school system. I've been talking with @Brenda Heieren about this and I think this would be doable for us to setup a program where we pair teenagers (and/or parents) who don't have a class for an hour with a kid who needs an aide. So.... Who has a kid that might need an aide and/or can't function without additional assistance? If you have a kid that would need this, please list the child's name, age, and degree of help they would need?

Jen Dehler-McCarthy


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